Kingdom Defender is the free ultimate defender, tower defense game packed with great new features, new enemies, new arrows and more!.

Defend against waves of monsters, armoured knights who are attacking your Kingdom. Features epic boss's after completing stages, unique levelling system with rewards each time you level up. Use skill points to upgrade your bow and strike enemies with great force! unlock and equip new arrows, upgrades crossbows to shoot multiple arrows at the same time. Visit the shop to buy and increase Strength,(Damage) Agility (Attack Speed) Defense(Armor) to next level, see cool effects when casting spells!

Features & Gameplay!

## features easy game play. Touch the screen to shoot at the monsters!

## 3 types of spells to use: 1: Meteor 2: Double Damage 3: 100% Crit Chance!

## 7 types of arrows from normal, wood, metal, silver, gold, legendary to black arrow.

## Arrows with fatal or critical chance to do 350% bonus damage!

## Agility: Increase Attack Speed!

## Mana: Cast more spells!

## Strength: increase your base damage!

## Bonus damage: increase damage by percentage!

## Increase wall hp / mana to cast more spells and stay a live longer!

## Balanced stages!

##Fight new monsters at higher stages!

## Get free gold by levelling up or killing enemies!

Monsters will become strong, new monsters will start to attack your kingdom, it is up to you to defend your kingdom and become the ultimate hero!

Made withGameMaker: Studio

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